I’m an independent consultant, writer, network builder and general dot-joiner,  working on projects where health, community, technology and data collide…

Health, community and open data

noticeboardI’ve been part of a small team working on a set of ideas over the last few years – it’s evolving into a national service called ALISS. It provides a platform for collecting and sharing collections of links to local community support, liberating info from existing directories and combining it with hyperlocal knowledge from individuals to create a rich picture of what communities have to offer. It’s developing into a source of open data for info services to consume – making useful local resources more visible, and therefore findable, on the web… more

Asset Mapping

IMG_1202I’m interested in small data –  hyperlocal pearls of wisdom that can  a) make information services so much more valuable and b) act as a powerful focus for conversation.

I design and deliver workshops that help community groups, health professionals, community practitioners and local citizens to collect information about local assets and explore how best to make the information work locally. We spend time mapping and sharing discoveries with each other, exploring how to capture the information and use what we’ve discovered. I’ve developed a toolkit around this in association with the Alliance for Health and Social Care… more


PIICAHPreventing Infection in Care at Home was developed with NHS Education for Scotland in collaboration with Health Protection Scotland, the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Care. The aim was to provide  guidance on infection control for frontline care staff. This involved understanding the role of the care worker, applying protocols and guidelines to scenarios that they are likely to encounter to create a useful tool in the field.

walkaboutWalkAbout is currently a prototype app  that combines real-time travel information and hyperlocal data to encourage the user to build more exercise into their life, making small, incremental changes to their daily routine. The idea was developed with friends at MMM and Curvor and we were awarded funding from NHS London and SBRI to develop the concept.

Design Challenges


In 2011 the Design Council announced its Keeping Connected design challenge, calling for ideas to keep older people connected with their communities.  I joined forces with MMM and Snook  to develop ideas that could help older people to remain active when the time comes to stop driving. These developed into a prototype of Car Freedom.



Innovation workshops


During the early stages of developing ALISS, I co-designed and  ran a series of workshops that brought together a range of participants - people living with long term health conditions, web developers, health professionals, third sector organisations and others. Working with Snook we challenged them to look into the future and consider what types of information services might help them in the future. They came up with some amazing ideas and our job was to help them to develop those ideas into business plans and find ways to take them further … read more.

Service Design

matchablehealthAfter seeing service design students facilitate some of our innovation workshops we saw an opportunity to match up students looking for a project with real-life design needs within the public sector.  I worked with Peter and Sarah to develop the early ideas behind Matchable Health, a brokerage service that could  link service design students with health and well being organisations.

Web design

IMG_2076Well, sort of. Working with  NHS Education for Scotland Nursing and Midwifery staff to take a look at their web presence, I helped the team to think less about links and layout and more about their roles and the stories that they wanted to tell. In addition to fresh content, some new ways of communicating within the team emerged.